Meet Teddy: A Positive Prenatal Down Syndrome Diagnosis Story

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How Was The Experience Surrounding Your Child’s Delivery?

Easy, we had wonderful hospital staff from diagnosis through postnatal! Since we knew ahead of time, there was a pediatric team especially for Teddy to make sure he’d be okay!

What Was It Like Bringing Home a Child with Down syndrome?

Since he’s my only child, I imagine about the same as bringing any other baby home. We definitely had an adjustment period with him, trying to anticipate his needs and figure out feeding!

What Has Development Been Like For Your Child?

He’s delayed in fine motor skills and speech. He didn’t crawl until after his first birthday and walked about a year after that. Otherwise he’s had fairly typical development, and of course, the whole family is very excited every time he hits another milestone!

What Are Some Good Surprises You Were Not Expecting About Raising a Child with Down Syndrome?

How much love he shows! He’s always hugging and kissing his favorite people, he’s an incredibly happy little boy.

What Are Some of Your Favorite Family Activities?

We like to sing and dance. Teddy really loves it when he gets read to. He also likes going to the park!

What Challenges Have You Faced?

Our biggest challenge has been communication. Teddy hasn’t progressed as quickly with speech like he has in motor skills or ASL. Because he likes to add little quirks with his signs, sometimes it’s difficult to understand what he’s wanting, and he gets very frustrated. Now that he’s in school, it’s even more difficult for him, since his aide isn’t with him long enough to decipher what his signs mean.

What Would You Tell Yourself When You First Received Your Child’s Diagnosis Now That You Know What This Journey Is Like?

To not worry because he’s an incredibly beautiful child with a heart of gold who will be healthy, happy, and loved.

What Would You Tell a Family Whose Child Just Received a Down Syndrome Diagnosis?

Grieve the way you need to. It’s a lot to wrap your head around, and it’s okay to feel sad and angry at first. The best is yet to come through, and your child will know and receive love wherever s/he goes.

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