New Diagnosis


There has never been a better time in the history of the world for a child to be born with Down syndrome. The resources, support, community, and opportunities for people with Down syndrome has never been better than it is today!

If you are visiting this page because your OB/GYN gave you a Hope Advocate’s card, we want to encourage you to contact them. A Hope Advocate has access to training, resources, and a community of others to help encourage and support you during this time.

There’s no better resource than hearing from a parent of a child with Down syndrome first hand.

If you are visiting this page and haven’t received a Hope Advocate’s card, we can connect you to a Hope Advocate who would consider a privilege to contact you.

Just click the button below, and a Hope Advocate will be in touch soon.

We encourage you to take a few minutes to watch this video and see the impact a Hope Advocate can have on a parent whose child has just received a Down syndrome diagnosis.

If you’re not ready to speak with a Hope Advocate, below you will find stories of other parents who have a child with Down syndrome. We encourage you to take some time to read through them and learn more about what it’s like raising a Child with Down syndrome.

If you have any questions for the Hope Story team, feel free to drop us a line.