A Day of Hope at the Denver Zoo: Our First Hope Gathering!

Children with Down syndrome at the Denver zoo for first Hope Gathering

One of Hope Story’s goals is to help connect parents to other parents (and have some fun in the process!) One of the ways we hope to accomplish this is by having Hope Gatherings across the United States.

What is a Hope Gathering?

A Hope Gathering is an opportunity for people with Down syndrome, and their families, to connect with other families in their local community, receive information about their local Down syndrome organization, learn about how they can use their unique story to be a source of hope to a family whose child has just received a Down syndrome diagnose as a Hope Advocate…and have fun!

kids with special needs at the Denver zoo

Hope Gathering at the Denver Zoo

On October 20th we held our first Hope Gathering at the Denver Zoo, and we had a blast! As this was our first Hope Gathering, we weren’t sure how many people to expect. As you can see in the photo above, we had a great turn out. In fact, we were encouraged to learn that some families even drove in from out-of-state!

Families met outside the zoo before it opened to mingle, and be a part of our group photo. We then spent some time walking around the zoo before meeting back up for lunch. All of the families that arrived before the zoo opened received a bag with some Hope Story “swag” and information about two Denver area organizations; the Rocky Mountain Down Syndrome Association, and the Global Down Syndrome Foundation.

Be sure to scroll down to see some of the images from our first Hope Gathering.

Interested in Having a Hope Gathering in Your City?

If you’re interested in having a Hope Gathering in your city, please send us a message. If you’re a part of a local Down syndrome organization, we can help work with you to help families in your area learn more about your organization, and the resources you provide.

It was such a privilege for us to be able to spend time meeting families and hearing their stories. Every family that came out to the event is a story of hope, and we can’t wait to help them share their stories as Hope Advocates.

A Special Thanks

Hope Story would like to extend a special thank you to the Denver Zoo for donating zoo tickets and meal vouchers, and Higginsworth Photography for donating their photography services.

We can’t wait for the next Hope Gathering!

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  1. These pictures of all the Beautiful Children are priceless.All are blessed to have loving parents.God bless you Rick for making this happen.Saw all of you including Grandpa.

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