Erin Book Mullen on Being a DC Lobbyist, Down Syndrome and Childhood Leukemia – Episode 4

erin book mullen down syndrome lobbyist

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In this episode we talk to Erin Book Mullen about being a DC Lobbyist who works to increase funding for Down syndrome research. Erin led the effort with the Global Down Syndrome Foundation to secure the first-ever Congressional hearing on Down syndrome research where Frank Stephens declared that his life was worth living.  That testimony, along with their work with Congressional Champions, resulted in a historic and significant 65% increase of Down syndrome research funding at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) from $35 million in FY2017 to $58 million in FY2018. In addition, we talk with Erin about raising two girls, one of whom has Down syndrome and has battled with childhood Leukemia. 

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