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  1. Thank you for the podcast. As a mother of six children, one with Down Syndrome I noticed some similarities in Noah’s story and our own. In our journey of discovery of all things DS we have found doctors to be resistant at times to checking for things like low vitamin D levels when frequent infections occur.After repeated discussions with the health care team one doctor did order a vitamin D level which was far below the established normal level. We have also found proactive pulmonary hygiene to be extremely helpful in preventing more serious complications like pneumonia from exposure to common colds and viruses. Our child uses an Aerobika device for 3 puffs, 2x a day morning and night, This routine and added vitamin D3 (monitored by our doctor ) has been life changing.We have also found that protecting our child’s sleep at all costs aids in health promotion. Where our typically developing child might be able to tough out a day at school when the sniffles start, our child with DS is much better served and recovers more quickly with an agressive enforced rest response. As far as social distancing goes, this was a problem before it was a necessity s/p Covid-19. Our child with DS seems to have an affinity for affection and sharing love as only comes from the purest of hearts. This will be the toughest lesson of all to teach. Stay safe!

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